Nearly 25,000 fines were sent to people last year for holding a mobile phone while driving.

The Garda Division with the least was Sligo-Leitrim.

If you're caught driving with a phone in your hand, or cradled in the crook of your neck, you face a fixed charge notice of 60 euro and three penalty points on your licence.

The Justice Minister says the gardai issued 24,475 fines for the offence last year.

5,047 were in Dublin, with over 2,700 in Cork.

Just over 1,600 were in Kildare, with over 1,500 in Galway.

The Garda division with the least was Sligo-Leitrim, with 237, with 355 in Westmeath.

Last year's total was down over 4,600 on 2019, but there were strict movement restrictions in place last year due to the pandemic.