The head of the HSE says a ray of hope is emerging as Covid 19 vaccines ramp up.

Over 100,000 people are expected to receive a jab this week.

 So far, Ireland has been vaccinating around 40,000 people a week but that's to increase in the coming days.

Almost 110 thousand people are expected to receive a jab this week
Of those, around 12 thousand are in nursing homes, 62 thousand are frontline health care workers and 36 thousand are over the age of 85.

Head of the HSE, Paul Reid, says the numbers will increase even further in the coming weeks.
It comes as the government finalises changes to the vaccine priority list, which could see thousands of people with underlying conditions getting vaccinated sooner than originally planned.
However, there is still no certainty over family carers and whether they will be moved up the list.