The Taoiseach is defending the locations of the new Covid-19 vaccination centres.

37 are to be rolled out nationwide, with at least one in every county.

However, some local TDs are raising concerns that people will have to travel some distance for their vaccination centre.

Mayo FG Deputy Alan Dillon has called for a second Mayo vaccination centre, to be located in the north of the county, while Sinn Fein's Louis O'Hara is concerned that only one centre is planned for Co Galway, based at Galway Racecourse.

H says people from East Galway and Connemara will have to travel for an hour or longer to make their way to the centre, and is calling for another centre in the county.

There have been also been complaints that there's no vaccination centre in Drogheda in Co Louth, but two in Wicklow which is the Health Minister's constituency.

Speaking on his way into Cabinet this morning, Taoiseach Micheál Martin says the centres will be reviewed as needed...