Three coverage in the Erris area is down since Saturday, and the company told Midwest News today that it may be tomorrow, (Wed) before the full service is restored.

The company confirmed that due to high winds over the weekend, a mast is down in the Belmullet/Erris area and a spokesperson for Three says they are working to get services resumed “as quickly as we can for our customers, however, due to continued strong winds it may be tomorrow before full service is restored.

Three says it “sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused to our customers”

Listeners to Midwest News say that the service went down on Saturday last and when they complained to the company on Saturday they were informed that it would be restored “shortly”.

Some listeners say it is a particularly stressful time for people in the area to be without a phone, as they are also without electricity today due to last night’s gale force winds.

In addition many elderly people are waiting anxiously to hear from their GPs regarding the rollout of the Covid vaccine this week.

Separately, Atlantic Computers a company that provides wireless and fibre broadband in Erris says its service was impacted by the storm on Saturday, but it managed to restore its service to 95 percent of customers by Saturday evening.

It has worked since to restore the service to the last 5 percent of customers and that it believes has now been achieved. A spokesperson for Atlantic Computers says if any customer remains without the service in Erris then please contact the company directly at 097 82255.