Residents of the Carrabeg Estate in Swinford say they are angered and disappointed that Mayo County Council has “failed to answer or adequately respond” to their concerns about anti social behavior by local authority tenants in housing estates.

The residents have again asked the council to clearly outline its anti social behavior policy for its tenants, and addressed a similar letter to elected councillors and TDs in the county.

The residents claim that prior to a violent death in their estate last November, they had contacted the local authority about their concerns on numerous occasions and had failed to get any adequate response. After that incident they again wrote to Mayo County Council on the 20th of November, 2020, but have again, they say, failed to get a response apart from an acknowledgement of receipt of their letter.

The residents say they are keen to get answers in an effort to ensure that a similar situation can be avoided / prevented in any other housing estate in the county when the local authority appears to fail to deal with the antisocial behavior of its tenants.

One of the residents of the Carrabeg Estate outlined their concerns to Midwest News today

A spokesperson for Mayo County Council declined to come on air, but did explain that the Anti Social Behavior policy of Mayo County Council is available on its website.

The spokesperson explained that the council cannot act on “general complaints”, but can only do so when a complaint is officially lodged with it.

In this case, a complaint was officially lodged by the residents association earlier this year and Mayo County Council say it was dealing with the concerns, but the procedure takes time and there are other agencies and authorities also involved in the investigation of any official complaint.

The spokesperson said that the council’s MD in Swinford had met residents on the matter some months ago, and the case was active, the authority is limited in what it can now say as a criminal investigation is underway.