A garda investigation is underway as the Mayor of Galway city, Mike Cubbard, is being extensively trolled and impersonated online.

Mayor Cubbard says it’s a nasty and dark side of public life, and he is not prepared to accept it.

The actions by the impersonator / troller is causing extensive upset to Mike himself, to his family and council colleagues.

One of the most sinister twist so far in this saga, was when the Mayor was contacted last week by a female councillor in Dublin, a woman he had never met. She had received a message of a sexual nature from his whatsapp account, a message that looked legitimate. The language and the suggestive tone of the message were deeply upsetting to the Dublin councillor, as they were to Mayor Cubbard, his wife and family.

Gardai have established where the SIM card for the phone being used was purchased, but as yet have been unable to catch the culprit and their investigations are continuing.

Mayor Cubbard has been speaking to Midwest News about this disturbing experience


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