A new HIQA report has outlined a number of areas of improvement needed at Swinford District Hospital.

The report was published today following an inspection of the hospital in August.

The report notes there was an outbreak of Covid-19 in Swinford District hospital in April,. which was described by staff as "well-managed".

However, HIQA says that a local outbreak committee had not been activated during the outbreak, and says an outbreak report was not completed by the hospital by the time of the inspection to evaluate performance in managing the outbreak - and this needs to be addressed.

It says improvements were also required in the documentation on daily communication between the hospital and public health department.

Overall, the HIQA report says the general environment and equipment in the areas inspected at the Swinford Hospital were clean and well-maintained, with some exceptions.

Improvement was required in the management and oversight of daily and deep cleaning records.

The HIQA inspection noted that  - of the 6 national standards for infection prevention and control  - Swinford District Hospital was substantially compliant with three and partially compliant with the other three standards.

HIQA inspectors were also informed by management that recruitment of staff was an ongoing challenge, and at the time of the inspection, the hospital's capacity was reduced from 40 to 23 inpatients due to inadequate staff resources.