Irish people have lost over 1.1 million euro so far this year through online shopping frauds.

It comes as new figures show the majority of consumer spending is now being done online.

With most of us spending more time indoors, online shopping is booming.

New Revolut data shows 51 per cent of spending is now being done online - because of the Level 5 measures.

Sebastian Hamilton from the company says it's a big change.

Spending on toys has more than doubled compared to this time last year - with books, bikes and furniture also seeing large increases.

With the rise in online shopping, though, comes concerns about fraud.

489 online shopping frauds have been reported to Gardai so far this year - with total losses of more than a million euro.

Neil McDonnell from business group ISME says it's always a risk at this time of year.

In one case, a Leitrim woman bought a Playstation for her child through an online forum - she transferred 240 euro to the seller, who then went offline and wouldn't reply to messages.

The PlayStation never arrived.

Gardai are advising people to follow 10 Golden Rules - which include only buying from trusted sources and not sending money to someone you don't know.