Retailers say an easing of Level 5 restrictions is needed in order to avoid crowds of Christmas shoppers.

It comes after retail store Penney's announced it's considering longer opening hours in December to manage crowds and reduced queues.

Chief executive of Retail Excellence Ireland, Duncan Graham, said retail restrictions should be eased before the Christmas rush.

The discount retailer Penney's claims the longer opening hours would allow it to cater for higher customer demand and help to reduce the queues.

While other companies are offering click and collect systems or move entirely to online trading, Penney's sales have ceased since the introduction of Level 5 restrictions.

In a statement, the company said they plan to work longer opening hours to reduce queues and cater for customers.

Earlier this week , it was reported that Penney's boss hoped to keep some shops open for 24 hours.

Chief Executive of Retail Ireland Duncan Graham says extended hours would be welcome for all shops heading into the Christmas period.




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