Concerns were expressed  in recent days that 200,000 euro that was earmarked to be spent in the Ballina area to address accessibility issues for people in wheelchairs, the blind and the elderly, was instead to be invested into a public toilet at the Quay and additional car parking spaces at Belleek woods.

The 200,000 euro from the Active Travel Fund was highlighted by Mayo deputy Dara Calleary last month on the Tommy Marren Programme, following a feature where members of Western Care had invited local public representatives to experience firsthand what it’s like to have to move around Ballina for anyone with a disability.

Midwest News contacted Deputy Calleary for clarification on the  unconfirmed re-direction of funds.

The deputy immediately contacted the Manager of Ballina Municipal District Declan Turnbull and asked for an update on the Active Travel Fund and Declan explained that the fund is being used for pedestrian crossings and a new cycle path.

Deputy Calleary stated that the local authority intends to meet with members of Western Care within the next number of days to look at ways to address the many issues that its campaign highlighted in Ballina.


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