The National Public Health Emergency Team will meet today to discuss latest Covid-19 trends - two weeks after level 5 restrictions were introduced nationwide.

8 further deaths were reported last evening, with 444 confirmed cases of the virus - over one-third of the new cases were in Dublin.

In this region, there were 36 new cases in Galway, 12 in Roscommon, 11 in Mayo, 6 in Sligo and less than 5 in Leitrim.

The reproductive number of the disease is now believed to be between 0.7 and 0.9.

The national 14-day incidence rate has fallen to 212 per 100,000 people.

Sligo, Galway and Roscommon continue to have incidence rates higher than the national average, while the rate in Mayo is now 195 per 100,000 people - down from 257 a week ago.


Public health officials say further efforts are required if the target of between 50 and 100 cases per day is to be achieved by 2nd December - when the level 5 restrictions are due to end.

Last night, Taoiseach Mícheal Martin told his parliamentary party that the restrictions are unlikely to be lifted before then.



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