This Sunday 1st  November, the eve of All Souls’ Day, the bishops and priests of Ireland will lead a short service of prayer at 3pm to dedicate the month of November to ‘Remembrance of the Dead and Prayer for the Bereaved’. 

The Bishops invite the whole country to unite in this moment which will be followed by parish liturgies throughout the month of November, reaching out as much as possible to those who cannot be physically present.

The bishops say that “we usually mark this time of year in parishes with events like the blessing of the graves, the celebration of remembrance services as well as commemorating All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. As a result of the current Covid-19 restrictions, it will not be possible for congregations to gather together for these annual events.

We will still reach out in November, a month we traditionally pray for our dead, to offer spiritual support to the bereaved.”

Those wishing to join in the prayer service on Sunday are invited to tune in to their local Cathedral or parish webcam. 





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