As Donegal joins Dublin from midnight tonight in Level 3 Covid Restrictions – the implications of the ban on travel out of these counties will impact directly on tourism areas nationally, in particular locations like Westport.

The Level 3 Covid restrictions announced last Friday evening for Dublin are already  impacting on visitor numbers to Westport and surrounding areas.

30 percent of the tourists that visit Westport from September to December annually, come from the capital.

Michael Lennon of Westport Chamber, is a former President of the Irish Hotels Federation and a board member of ITIC ( Irish Tourism Industry Confederation) and says the tourism and hospitality sector in Westport will certainly be hit by the Level 3 Restrictions on travel out of Dublin for the next number of weeks, and will be further impacted by the same restrictions in Donegal from midnight tonight, and now other counties are on high alert for similar restrictions.

He’s been speaking to Midwest News today about the impact of the Level 3 restrictions in Dublin on Westport's tourist numbers already.





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