Students going back to NUI Galway are being warned that they face possible expulsion from the University, if they breach public health guidelines in the coming months. 

In a letter emailed to all students yesterday afternoon, the College says it will invoke its Code of Conduct for anyone found ignoring advice, aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The correspondence, from the Dean of Students, comes as thousands of people travel to the city for the start of the new academic year on Monday next.

University authorities are strongly discouraging house parties and other large gatherings in the weeks ahead.

The Code of Conduct docucument gives a number of examples of breaches which can result in penalties.

These include "any activity, whether taken place on or off University grounds, which adversely affects, or is likely to adversely affect, the reputation of the University".

Students are told it is incumbent on them to be familiar with the regulations and says claims of ignorance will not be entertained as part of any disciplinary process. 

Sanctions range from a formal reprimand up to permanent expulsion from the university and its premises. 


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