Galway City Councillors passed a motion yesterday to remove controversial cycling infrastructure installed at Dyke Road earlier that day without prior public consultation.

The road was blocked off yesterday morning and was one of a number of roads in the city where bike racks and temporary bollards were installed.

The City Council says the installation was part of their Mobility Team’s Covid-19 interventions in a bid to provide shorter waiting times at junctions, while also increasing vehicle capacity.

The move sparked outcry from the public, cyclists and across the political divide, leading to a quick intervention from councillors yesterday.

Social Democrats Councillor Owen Hanley took to social media yesterday confirming a motion was passed calling for the removal of the works and for further works to be subject to greater engagement.

The councillor has been a longtime advocate for cycling, parking and infrastructure in the city, but described the installation at Dyke Road as a ‘dangerous intervention’.

He said that ‘It's suggests that Galway City Council is not up to the task at hand to reimagine our city for the mobility improvements we need to see.’

The Galway City Councillor acknowledged the frustration the works at Dyke Road had caused.

He said that ‘City Hall must realise something has to radically change in their Transport department’ if transport infrastructure in the city is to improve.


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