Members of the public who responded to a summons to serve as jurors at trials which are due to begin at the Central Criminal Court in Castlebar today (Tuesday) have been commended for doing so by the presiding judge, Ms. Justice Carmel Stewart.

In a reference to Covid-19, Ms. Justice Stewart told the jury members, after they had been empanelled yesterday (Monday) that they had turned up for jury duty in ‘challenging times”.

The judge told jury members that their attendance is much appreciated and forms a crucial part of the criminal justice system.

The jury of 12 was due to have been empanelled remotely via video link between An Sportlann and Castlebar Courthouse.

However, due to technical difficulties, the video arrangement could not proceed and the prospective jurors were brought by coach from An Sportlann for empanelling in the traditional manner.

The Central Criminal Court, which mainly hears trials connected with rape and murder, is due to sit in Castlebar until mid-December 



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