A new report estimates that over 10,000 jobs in the drinks and hospitality industry in the West of Ireland could be lost by the end of this year- without additional supports from Government.

The report by DCU Business School economist Anthony Foley shows 10,600 jobs in the accommodation and food service - including pubs, hotels and restaurants - could be lost across Mayo, Galway and Roscommon, with the 15-24 year age group particularly exposed.

The report shows hotels are currently operating at about 25% capacity, pubs serving food are at about 50% and restaurants at about 60% capacity.

With these figures unlikely to improve over the winter period and the tourism industry almost non-existent, the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland says the ongoing restrictions on restaurants and pubs serving food will have grave material consequences for thousands of livelihoods and hundreds of businesses.

In the West of Ireland, accommodation and food service jobs make up 7.5% of all employment.

The Drinks Industry Group is calling on Government to deliver a package of support measures - including a 15% reduction in excise tax on drinks - to support the industry and minimise the risk of job losses.




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