Concerns over the services that can be accessed at Belmullet District hospital and other District hospitals in the county was raised in the Dail yesterday by Erris based Sinn Fein deputy Rose Conway Walsh.

The deputy has described as “farcical” the present situation where GPs in Erris are not allowed to make direct referrals to Belmullet Hospital. Instead, patients are transported over 100 miles to Mayo University Hospital, admitted for a night, then returned to Belmullet Hospital.

Earlier this week, an Erris GP had to send a ninety-five year old man to MUH when the elderly man could have been catharised and admitted locally to Belmullet Hospital where he would have received the treatment required.

Minister Donnelly responded that the HSE must adhere to COVID-19 guidelines wherein there are no direct admissions to a district hospital in the country.

However, deputy Conway Walsh insists that this is not an adequate response and she toMayo Deputy raises serious concerns about Belmullet Hospital and the withdrawal of Erris Health Servicesld Midwest News that she asked the Minister if Covid 19 was now the excuse for everything.


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