There’s a feeling of desolation at Knock Shrine today, according to the Parish Priest of the Shrine Fr Richard Gibbons

The Shrine and grounds are closed to the public today, and will reopen tomorrow morning at 7am.

It’s an unprecedented closure, but the decision was taken due to the rise of Covid-19 cases nationally and the concern that thousands of pilgrims may have attended the ceremonies at the Shrine today, August 15th, traditionally the biggest day of the year on the Knock calendar.

Fr Gibbons spoke to Midwest News this morning about the unprecedented closure and the heartbreaking decision which he said was taken with public health to the fore.

Gardai are on patrol at all the entrances to the village of Knock to advise visitors of the closure.

Nonetheless, some pilgrims who cycle or walk  every year to Knock for August 15th as a pilgrimage, made the journey today and opted to pray outside the walls of the Shrine.



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