The government’s commitment to introduce a three-year cap on productive farm assets under the Fair Deal Scheme must be delivered on, according to the IFA.

The present delay in introducing the recommendations from the 2015 report - Review of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, A Fair Deal, is completely unfair, according to IFA Farm Family & Social Affairs Chairperson, Caroline Farrell

The report had recognised IFA’s position that farm assets were productive assets and should be treated differently to other assets like a person’s home, property or savings and should be capped at three years.

The Programme for Government commits to enacting legislation implementing the revised Nursing Homes Support Scheme arrangements for both farmers and business owners.

However, despite this commitment and recognition  - the legislation required to enact the three year cap has been delayed.

Caroline Farrell explained to Midwest News today the stress this delay is causing – both on nursing home residents and their families.


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