The attempt by the government to include an increase in the salaries of super Junior Ministers in the Bill establishing the new Department of Higher Education on Friday last, showed “a complete disconnect between this government and ordinary people”. That’s the view of Erris based Sinn Fein deputy Rose Conway Walsh.

The deputy outlined her frustration and anger in the Dail on Friday last and her outrage secured over a million hits on social media over the weekend.

She argued that at a time of a pandemic when many people have lost their jobs, when some businesses are still waiting to reopen, and while hundreds of thousands of workers are still receiving the pandemic unemployment payment (PUP), it is simply wrong of the government to propose an increase of 16,288 euro per anum for three Super Junior Ministers.

In addition she highlighted the work of health care workers, many of whom are barely on the minimum wage, and who have continued to provide a service to the vulnerable and sick throughout this pandemic.

Deputy Conway Walsh has been telling Midwest News today why she is so outraged at this government proposal.


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