A Mayo farmer has been elected the new chairman of the IFA’s National Liquid Milk Committee.

Keith O’Boyle, a father of three from Hollymount, produces fresh milk for Aurivo, and farms with his wife and family in Hollymount.

The voting was conducted via postal ballot due to Covid-19.

Saying it’s an honour to be elected, Mr O'Boyle also said he believes the lockdown has given consumers a greater appreciation for locally produced, fresh, nutritious foods like milk and cream. We need to grasp this renewed understanding of the importance of primary producers, and ensure that it is never again taken for granted," he said.

The Hollymount farmer says he will work in co-operation with the other IFA committees, especially the retail team, to put pressure on the Government and other stakeholders to ensure that liquid milk producers receive a fair share of retail returns. We urgently need the full implementation of the new Grocery Goods Regulations, including the prohibition of below-cost selling, and the promise in the new Programme for Government, long sought by IFA, of an independent Ombudsman to enforce them.

With the support of the National Liquid Milk Committee, Keith says he will be developing a strategy for liquid milk over the summer.




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