Aurivo has confirmed that it has withdrawn from the KPMG Irish Farmers Journal Milk Price Review for 2019. 

Donal Tierney, Chief Executive of Aurivo told Midwest News that the Co-op has notified the Irish Farmers Journal that it will not be participating in the 2019 Milk Price Review.

The decision, he explained, was taken uniformly by both the Board and management of Aurivo because they believe that ‘Manufacturing Milk’ league table that excludes fresh milk sold for domestic consumption is flawed.

He says there should be one League Table and that ‘Liquid Milk’ be included in the calculations. “All milk is liquid, and it is simply not equitable to exclude fresh milk sold for domestic consumption. European benchmarks for assessing milk price, for example, the LTO International Milk Price Comparison, include 100% of milk produced, so we fail to see why the Irish comparison does not.

We have consistently asked the Irish Farmers Journal over the years that the compilation of data for the Milk Price Review be reconsidered to include Liquid Milk. We have no issue with how the League Table is reviewed by KPMG, our issue is around the exclusion of liquid milk.  We will certainly consider participating in the future Milk Price Reviews should the methodology change to show a fair and accurate reflection of the market.”



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