Members of the public, and those involved in the catering and hospitality sectors, are being warned about the trading of illegally caught salmon and sea trout. following recent seizures in Mayo.

Inland Fisheries Ireland says it's illegal to purchase or possess illegally-caught salmon or sea trout, and only those caught by licensed commercial salmon fishermen may be sold and must bear a colour coded green or white gill tag, or for wild imported salmon, a yellow tail tag.

Anglers are prohibited from selling salmon or sea trout caught by rod and line, and fishery officers are carrying out regular inspections to deter the illegal trade of salmon and sea trout.

Seizures have taken place in recent weeks in Mayo, Donegal and Cork.

Members of the public can report instances of suspected illegal activity to the Inland Fisheries confidential hotline number on 1890 34 74 24, or to local fisheries staff.




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