Less than 40 percent of eligible businesses in Mayo have applied for the Restart Grant administered by Mayo County Council.

The grant can provide any rate payer with cash up front to assist in re-opening and starting up again any business that was closed due to the Covid 19  pandemic restrictions.

Westport based fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn is encouraging all businesses in the county effected by the lockdown to make the simple application that can provide a significant financial boost.

At this week’s monthly meeting of Mayo County Council, the councillor asked for a cap on the fee a business pays for a permit from the local authority to extend out onto footpaths or green areas.

He believes cost of placing tables and chairs in these areas for customers should be reduced to a flat payment of 125 euro, as distinct from 125 euro per table at present.

Council management explained that the permit system is applied nationally, but Mayo County Council is offering significant refunds to applicants.

Again cllr Flynn is encouraging all cafes and restaurants in the county to seek the permit in an effort to extend the space required.


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