A representative of the telecommunications company Eir has been requested to attend the next monthly meeting of Mayo County Council to address the problems with the service across the region over many months now.

The motion was proposed by Castlebar councillor Ger Deere at yesterday’s monthly meeting of the authority, and received unanimous support.

A number of councillors spoke of situations over the Covid 19 lockdown where elderly persons, living alone, were left without a landline telephone service for up to 5 weeks. The elderly rely on the service for their pendant alarms, and councillors said the elderly and their families were left frustrated unable to contact Eir, and if they did manage to report the fault were subsequently left waiting weeks for the fault to be fixed.

Contacting the telecommunications company to report a problem was described as a nightmare, cllr Deere said it was ironic that when the country was asked “to answer the call” as the pandemic hit, it remained almost impossible to get an answer when you tried calling Eir .

 Midwest News has tried contacting Eir today for a response to the criticism. We e-mailed the company’s press office and are awaiting a response.



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