The HSE is warning people across the region that the phasing out of COVID-19 restrictions doesn't mean the crisis is over and that public health guidance must continue to be adhered to.

HSE West are pressing home the importance of fundamental habits like regular handwashing, cough and sneeze etiquette and social distancing, to help the country avoid a resurgence of the disease.

The regional health organisation is urging the public to wear face coverings in shops and in any indoor place where social distancing is difficult alongside good hygiene practices.

A growing number of young people have contracted the infection in recent days, with all of the most recent cases involving people under 45 years old, while the R number has gone up to at or above, 1.

Dr Breda Smyth, the Director of Public Health Medicine at HSE West told Midwest News that we must use a composite of preventative measures to protect ourselves and others from infection.


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