Mayo is the county nationally that had the most call-outs to deal with swarms of wasps so far this year.

Pest control provider Rentokil is warning the general public to be vigilant of the dangers posed by wasps during the summer period. The company believes that as lockdown restrictions are lifted and people begin to spend more time outside, there is a greater need for awareness and caution around the stinging insects.

The top five counties which accounted for wasp callouts so far this year were Mayo (25% of total callouts), Galway (22%), Sligo (18%).

The warm summer months are when the wasp population is at its highest, as the favourable conditions enable the insects to thrive and multiply.

Rentokil expects that as temperatures continue to rise as a result of climate change, wasp and other pest insect populations will continue to grow in the future.

The Common wasp and German wasp are the two most commonly found wasp species in Ireland. Wasps are distinct from hornets and bees, and identifying them is important for homes or businesses that experience an infestation from a nearby nest. Members of the public can properly identify wasps, hornets, or bees by visiting the Rentokil website.






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