Mayo has the highest number of fatalities from Covid-19 in the province of Connaught.

That’s according to newly released figures from the Central Statistics Office measured as of the 12th of June which also shows the county has the seventh highest death toll nationally.

As of that date, 41 people in the county had lost their lives from coronavirus and the median age of the deaths was 82.

Across the rest of Connaught there were 10 deaths in Roscommon with a median age of 87, 9 in Galway with a median age of 84, 7 in Sligo with a median age of 88 and none in Leitrim.

The number of confirmed cases across the province following 10 denotifications across Sligo and Leitrim yesterday sees 571 in Mayo, 485 in Galway, 344 in Roscommon, 125 in Sligo and 78 in Leitrim.


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