The 29th of this month is the date for the resumption of Church services, but the administrator of Westport says that date may be too soon.

Fr Charlie McDonnell, says parishes are working at a phenomenal rate at present in an effort to ensure that churches are ready and safe for congregations, but he says the task is enormous and the parish of Westport, is unlikely to be ready for that specific date, but hopefully will be shortly after that.


He acknowledges that the onus on any Parish Priest to sign off, for insurance purposes, that the re-opening of their Churches for services is safe is significant. However, he says any priest that thinks he can do it alone is delusional. The only way it’s possible, is with the extensive assistance from parish councils and volunteers.

A survey on facebook was undertaken this morning in Westport to establish the demand by parishioners to get back physically into the church for services, and the result clearly indicates that many parishioners are prepared to wait, continue to avail of the services online, and only return when a system is in place and working effectively.

Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley asked Fr Charlie the direct question this lunchtime  - will the churches in the parish of Westport be open for services on June 29th, Monday week.


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