Shopping centres have re-opened their doors this morning after being shut for three months because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nursing homes are also opening to visitors today for the first time since March.

Meanwhile, efforts are under way to find out what protection antibodies may have against new infection of Covid-19.

The HSE's starting a new study today of people in Sligo and Dublin to get an overall national estimate of infection in the population.

New figures show the death toll from coronavirus in the Republic has reached 1,706, after one more person was reported yesterday as having died with the virus.

There was an additional positive confirmed case of Covid 19 in each of three Connaught counties yesterday.

Mayo had one more, now standing at 571 confirmed cases, Roscommon had one more case, now standing at 342, and one additional confirmed case of the virus in Galway, now standing at 486.