The Government is set to announce a financial aid package for the beef sector.

Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed will bring details of a support scheme to Cabinet, which could pump millions of euro into the sector.

Last year farmers took to the streets and the factory gates to voice their frustration with the prices they were securing from the factories.

Last year a €100m scheme called BEAM provided some support for beef farmers, but its conditions were widely viewed as being too stringent.

Details of the scheme will be announced following today's Cabinet meeting.

IFA President Tim Cullinan says its a welcome development that Minister Creed will put a proposed package for beef finishers in front of the Cabinet today.

He says the details of the scheme and the small print will be important and he hopes that this scheme will be worthwhile and straight forward.

IFA have made submissions to Government showing that beef finishers had lost over €20m as a result of the COVID price impact