House parties have been a regular occurrence during the Covid 19 pandemic in one local authority house in Foxford, and on one occasion over the past number of weeks the fire brigade was called to extinguish a barbecue party that appeared to get out of hand.

The situation was outlined by local Fine Gael councillor Neil Cruise to yesterday’s Mayo County Council’s Special Policy Committee on Housing.

The councillor has called on the local authority to do something about the problem which he describes as totally unacceptable to the other residents in the estate, Moy View Estate, the oldest housing development in Foxford.

He called for a review of Mayo County Council’s housing allocation policy , and a review of the authority’s anti social policy – to see what can be done when tenants of local authority housing continuously create noise and problems for their neighbours.

Councillor Cruise also wants the authority to advise local gardai about the allocation of new tenants to any estate and to have new tenants garda checked.

Cllr Cruise has been speaking to Midwest News today about what he has described as an intolerable situation.


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