Gyms could open sooner than the 10th of August, if the government had enough  Health and Safety (HSA) inspectors in place. That’s the view of Ballina based gym owner Paul Ginty of Quay Fitness Ballina.

He is calling on the Minister for Sport Shane Ross, to listen to gym owners and realise that they must continue to pay mortgages, rent and all the other expenses while the Covid19 lockdown leaves their facilities closed until the 5th phase of the lifting of national restrictions.

He insists that many gym owners now have safe systems in place in their premises to ensure that social distancing and adequate hygiene facilities are available.

The closure of gyms, is impacting on the mental health of many athletes and others, he argues, and could be re-opened sooner if there were enough HSA inspectors available to inspect each facility and deem the measures in place safe or not.

Paul has been telling Midwest News why he wants Minister Ross to engage with the industry now.


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