A Mayo family have called for an investigation into why patients suspected of having been infected with Covid-19 were cared for on the same ward as non-Covid patients.

It follows the death of Bellacorrick man Jackie Carolan, who was admitted to the hospital on the 18th of March after suffering a mini-stroke.

79 year-old Jackie Carolan of Ballymunnelly, Bellacorrick, Ballina died in a "Covid bay" on the elderly care medicine ward at Mayo University Hospital on the first of April.

He had been moved there, where there were three other suspected covid-19 patients, from a stroke bay on the same ward the day before.

Mr Carolan's daughter, Teresa Shaw, told Midwest News that the way that the hospital managed the situation, in her opinion, carried a hug risk of cross-infection

In a statement to Midwest New this lunchtime the HSE says Mayo University Hospital expressed their sincere sympathy to the family and said they cannot comment on individual cases.

Mayo University Hospital, they say, deals directly with families who have concerns or questions in relation to any aspect of the care or treatment provided at the hospital. 

They continue to say that streaming of patients into COVID-19 and non COVID-19 pathways has been in place in the hospital since mid-March in line with the guidance at the time.

They say this meant patients who were suspected of or confirmed of having COVID-19 were kept physically separate from other patients in the hospital to the greatest extent possible.

The Hospital acknowledged that while every effort is made to ensure patients are streamed separately, occasionally it will happen that a person in a designated ‘non-covid’ space will turn out to be positive as s/he may not have shown any symptoms.

In addition, the hospital also separated its clinical staff into teams, to minimise contact between staff and reduce the risk of healthcare worker and patient infection.


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