Galway Councillor James Charity has condemned the blockage of a national main road into Galway City yesterday evening in an apparent protest against Garda checkpoints in the area. A video which was sent to Cllr. Charity had been circulated on social media showing a large group of 20 to 30 males congregating and blocking the national road adjacent to a halting site in Carrowbrowne at approximately 10.15pm last night.
Gardaí were called to the scene and a stand off ensued during which an ambulance was prevented from passing along the road for a period of time. 
The independent councillor told Midwest News this morning that he was advised that a number of frontline medical workers travelling from County Galway into the City for work, as well as at least one returning home after a long shift, were prevented along with other traffic from proceeding along the road, with some having to turn around and detour to the N83 Tuam Rd to access or leave the city.
Gardaí have been operating checkpoints in the Carrowbrowne and Clonboo areas of County Galway over the last week in accordance with the national Covid-19 laws and response.
Cllr. Charity describes the action as "ill thought, ill advised, reckless and dangerous".
He claims the Gardaí have been exemplary in the conduct of checkpoints on the N84 and says many local constituents have commented to him on their courtesy and professionalism while operating in the locality. 

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