The council of Claremorris Golf Club are appealing for public assistance following an incident of vandalism on course equipment earlier this month.

A mini digger and the course's irrigation system were damaged in the incident.

Entry was gained to the pump house that controls their irrigation system around the 24th of April and a metal bar was used to destroy the headcovers of the pumps.

This automated system is vital to the up keep of the course greens and without this functioning has caused longer manual hours for watering.

A mini digger located beside the building was also targeted.

Sand was put into the engine and mixed into the oil sump, the filters and radio were thrown into the nearby river.

In a statement on social media Claremorris Golf Clubs said

"For all concerned in the club this is a massive disappointment and something that has left a sour note on what should have been a bright and new season beginning during these difficult times.

Our staff work tirelessly to maintain the high standards of the course for everyone to enjoy from our members to visitors. Without equipment working properly this is harder to do so."

Gardaí say investigations are ongoing into the recent report of criminal damage at this location.


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