Irish farm organisations have described as "insufficient" a €76 million support package announced by the European Commission for the meat and daily sectors.

Under the terms of the package, the EU will provide €30 million for the private storage of dairy products, and a further €46 million for storage of beef and lamb.

 The ICMSA says the EU Covid support package "is so obviously inadequate that it bordered on an insult".

ICMSA President Pat McCormack says the package completely fails to recognise the pressures on farmers and the wider food industry at this time.

The Irish Farmers Association says the package is not nearly enough to support beef farmers in particular through the Covid-19 crisis, as it amounts to less an €8 for every farmer in Europe.

IFA President Tim Cullinan says the financial crisis for beef finishers as a result of the coronavirus beef price collapse is so sever, that a much more substantial financial package - involving market supports and direct payment aid - is required.

And the ICSA says the overall effort from the EU "falls very short of what is required".




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