Enshi City in China has offered 5,000 face masks to the Mayor of Galway during the Covid-19 crisis.

The former Mayor of Galway City Neil McNeilis had paid a visit several years ago to Enshi, and relations between the two cities have continued, with the current Mayor, Councillor Mike Cubbard contacting officials in the Chinese city when the coronavirus first broke out in the Hebei province, passing on the regards of the people of Galway to the people of Enshi and its frontline workers.

Yesterday, the Deputy Director of Enshi City Municipal Government contacted Mayor Cubbard to offer help during the Covid-19 outbreak here, including the offer of 5,000 face masks as they are aware there's a shortage of them in this country.

Mayor Cubbard told Midwest News that he immediately contacted the CEO of the Saolta Hospital Group and offered them to frontline staff in Galway - a gesture which, he says, was greatly appreciated by the CEO on behalf of staff at University Hospital Galway.

As over 190 countries worldwide are seeking to source basic essentials like masks and gloves, Councillor Cubbard says he found this a very heartening gesture by the city of Enshi at this difficult time.






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