Danceworld have teamed up with Ballina man Aaron Hannon, who has set up a go fund me page to raise funds for ventilators across the country that will be much needed in the coming weeks (see link below for more info).

The Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) is a non-profit group which is committed to developing an open-source, easy to use and rapidly manufacturable ventilator to treat the vastly increasing numbers of COVID-19 patients requiring ventilation.

The CRT’s research and development is supported by consultant anaesthetists, engineering faculties and high performance engineering companies across Ireland and the UK.

Danceworld came up with a fun idea and hope it helps in some small way.

From the comfort of your own home we would love if our Danceworld families could dress up in their county/Irish colours to represent this great country of ours...

Sing, dance, act, lipsync, be as creative as you want, to the last chorus of the song 'Irelands Call' which is a fitting song under the current circumstances.

The challenge is:

1) Record the video

2) Post it on your Facebook/Instagram page along with the link below

3) Nominate 3 families anywhere in the country to do the challenge

4) Donate to Keep Breathing: Fund emergency COVID - 19 Ventilators organised by Aaron Hannon


Danceworld are aware that it is a very difficult time for a lot of families and it is at your own discretion if you take on the challenge and how much you donate.


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