People looking to be tested for covid-19 have been flooding GP out-of-hours centres and the 999 emergency line today with a "high volume" of calls.


The HSE is asking people to keep 999 and 112 for emergencies only -- and says out-of-hours doctors can't order tests.


We're being asked to isolate ourselves if we have cold or flu symptoms, and call a GP on Monday.


Officials say they're working through the weekend to make sure enough testing facilities are in place by Monday to meet increased demand.


Westdoc are among the facilities experiencing high levels of calls due to the COVID19 Virus.


In a statement to Midwest News they asked the public to be aware they cannot organize swab tests for patients.


Patients should contact Public Health on 1850 241 850 directly or their own GP on Monday.


Patients should continue to contact the service as normal for urgent care but expect some delays.


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