Six agencies have joined forces with Irish Water to try and resolve the ongoing problem with pesticide exceedances in the Newport public water supply.

Glyphosate and MCPA have both been detected at levels higher than that allowed under EU and Irish regulations, and the EPA has put the Newport water supply on its Remedial Action List until the issue is resolved.

While the HSE says the levels in the Newport water do not represent a threat to public health, Irish Water says it's un undesirable situation, and is urging those using pesticides to be mindful of best practise when spraying their lands.

Irish Water, Teagasc, the National Federation of Group Water Scheme, Mayo County Council, the Local Authority Water Programme, the Department of Agriculture and the Animal & Plant Health Association have now come together, to try and find solutions to the problem.

The group is reminding farmers, sporting organisations and professional users of pesticides to follow best practise in applying pesticides - particularly near lakes and rivers used as drinking water sources.


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