As the Neale road in south Mayo continues to be impacted by flooding, Mayo County Council is urging motorists not to drive through floodwaters, but to take another route.

The council has been forced to install CCTV cameras as a deterrent to drivers at The Neale crossroads, and is urging motorists not to ignore road closure signs.

The council says floods that appear shallow could be deeper than expects, and may also have fallen trees or branches that are not visible.

Their message is - If a road is flooded, choose another route and do not attempt to drive through the floods.

Drivers should not move road closure signs, or drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid such signs.

The current flooding at the Neale was discussed at yesterday's meeting of the Claremorris / Swinford Municipal area, where councillors agreed that a representative of the OPW should come before their next meeting to outline their plans for flood remediation works at this location.



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