Health officials are to begin contacting passengers on a flight from Italy to Dublin recently who may have been exposed to the coronavirus.


It's after the first case of covid-19 was confirmed in the North last night.


The patient, who is being treated in isolation at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, had recently traveled from Italy via Dublin.


Dr Sam McConkey from the Department of International Health and Tropical Medicine at the RCSI says we would be extremely lucky to avoid a case in the Republic:


He says only 20 percent of those infected actually need oxygen and support- the other 80 percent suffer much milder symptoms.


He says of the 45,000 cases reported in China only 2-3 percent died.


Former president of the IMO Dr Martin Daly says people need to be and responsible, if they need to self-quarantine, they need to do so properly.


The HSE is to inform any people the patient in the North had contact with, to try to prevent the disease spreading.


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