Motorists will have to be extra vigilant now that 900 new speed camera zones have been set up across the country from this morning.   

A total of 903 new safety areas are in operation since 6am this morning, while 574 previous zones have been removed following a review.

The overall total of these regions will now stretch to 1,322 and can be viewed on an interactive map on

The zones will be policed using a fleet of marked vehicles with cameras continuing to operate from speed vans as before.

The vans used will still be marked with high visibility, reflective material and display a safety camera symbol on the side.

Dublin recevied the highest increase of safety camera zones in the country

In county Galway the number of safety camera zones goes from 50 to 77, in county Mayo from 31 to 52, and in county Roscommon from 14 to 22.

While motorists will be forced to observe more caution and reduce speeds, Gardai believe the new ‘GoSafe Zones’ will reduce life-changing injuries and fatalities from traffic collisions.




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