Over €43 million was paid out in insurance claims on behalf of 28 local authorities in the first nine months of this year - with Mayo Co Co paying out over €2.2 million in settlements.

Local authorities are insured by Irish Public Bodies, which deals with claims for issues such as slips and trips on footpaths and damage to cars caused by potholes.

According to details released under the Freedom of Information Act, 43.3-million-euro worth of claims were settled on behalf of 28 of the 31 local authorities in Ireland in the first nine months of this year.

3,315 claims were finalised, and the average pay-out was 13,061 euro.

The highest number relate to Dublin City Council, with 7.5-million-euro worth of settlements.

Mayo County Council paid out €2.27 million in respect of 85 claims so far this year - compared to less than €1 million last year.

That amounts to an average pay-out of €26,700 per claim.

Galway County Council has paid out €3.37 million for 107 claims to date this year.



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