The Mayo GAA funding saga continues as officers of the county board threaten legal action against millionaire benefactor Tim O'Leary.

The board has rejected a request from O'Leary for the return of €150,000 he donated last year.

A letter seen by Midwest Radio was issued on Friday by solicitor Charles Gilmartin, representing the board and its officers and denied claims made by O'Leary about how the donation was spent and accused him of defamation.

It means both sides are now on course to sue each other, as O'Leary has already threatened a lawsuit seeking the return of the funds.

The €150,000 was donated in two tranches in February and June 2018.

An email from O'Leary to an officer of the board, said the only condition involved was that the cash be used to give the Mayo senior football team extra resources.

The Mayo GAA board now seem prepared to sue O'Leary and yesterday he said he was going to dispense with the deadline and issue proceedings in the coming week.

Gilmartin said his clients were now reserving their position in this regard.

The letter also said the board denied O'Leary attached any condition to the transfer of the funds saying "If any such condition were attached, which is denied, I am instructed that this condition was satisfied."

It continues, “I note that your client has threatened to take legal action if the funds are not reimbursed to your client within a period of 21 days. The funds will not be reimbursed to your client. They were given without condition."


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