2019 continues to be a disappointing year for the Irish motor industry, with new car registrations since January down 7% on the same period last year - according to a new report from the Society for the Irish Motor Industry.

New car sales in Mayo and Galway from January to November are down by over 10%, and by 11.5% in Roscommon.

1,935 new cars have been registered this year in Mayo, compared to 2,168 at the end of November last year.

The report's authors say that, despite a small increase in November, new car registrations nationally are down 7%, while for the second year in a row, used car imports have exceeded 100,000 which is having a dampening impact on new car sales.

3,240 new electric cars have been registered so far this year - which is almost three times the number registered last year.

With generous incentives for customers to buy a new car in the New year across all brands, those involved in the industry are hopeful for a busy start to 2020.



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