Yesterday Mayo county council increased the commercial rate for businesses across the county in 2020 by 4 percent, and according to the Fine Gael Whip on the local authority Peter Flynn it’s a hammer blow to local businesses.

He says it will impact directly on businesses but will also hit consumers who will ultimately pay the price in grocery shops, draperies, restaurants and hotels.

Yesterday was the third 2020 budget meeting of the local authority, and while it was anticipated that it would take hours to strike a rate, instead it was agreed quite quickly, proposed by the Fianna Fail side of the chamber and not contested by Fine Gael councillors.

The budget for next year has also restored the General Municipal Fund (GMA) allocation to this year’s level. GMA is the funding that elected councillors can allocate to community and voluntary groups.

The Westport based councillor insists Fine Gael councillors did not agree with the commercial rate increase, but argues that it was futile to put up a counter proposal, as they did not have the votes needed to stop the motion being passed.


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