There's a lack of understanding and knowledge about antibiotic use among college students in the West of Ireland.

That's according to a study carried out this year of over 500 students from across all five GMIT campuses.

The study shows there's a misuse of antibiotics, with 35% of those surveyed using leftover antobiotics, while some students obtain antibiotics online or abroad.

The study findings will be published in full next year, as the group who carried it out hope to secure funding to run a nationwide health promotion campaign for third-level students.

This is the first Irish survey focused on students aged 18 to 25 to measure their knowledge of antibiotics and resistance.

The GMIT scientists who carried out the survey say public health campaigns should be tailored to reach a targeted audience, using words and language people will understand, as these students are the future parents and educators of the next generation, and need to have the correct message on the proper use of antibiotics.


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